underneath the waves
blinded by the blue


By camden
i already know what's going to happen. what's weird is i am the only one that can predict what happens next.

By camden

By camden

I'm making mixes on 8 Track now.

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Top 10 Albums of 2010

By camden

Once again, it was difficult to find 10. Here they are:

Surfer Blood - Astro Coast

Frightened Rabbit - The Winter of Mixed Drinks

The National - High Violet

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

Interpol - Interpol

Girl Talk - All Day

Bruce Springsteen - The Promise

Active Child - Curtis Lane

Band of Horses - Infinite Arms

Shout Out Louds - Work

RIP 10.19.10

By camden
an acquaintance of mine killed himself the other day. looking on his facebook page, i saw he wrote this:

The man listened to the water from a dock. He sat alone. He listened closely. The small slaps of wave against the dock supports beat in rhythm with his heart. He heard them both equally as loudly.
His eyes were closed, as were his fists, tightly, but not so much so that he’d even noticed. His mind was at work, but his body at rest, tensely.
How odd, he thought, that everything had come down to this one moment. He played it out in his mind as his legs dangled over the edge. He thought of it, the sadness pulling his from the inside out, making him tremble, but slightly enough that, again, he wasn’t sure if any of it was truly real.
A fly grazed his ear and spoke softly about the past. He could hear it, every word, but it made no difference now. There would be time to consider all that, or maybe there wouldn’t. It really made no difference. The past is a fond thing to recall, but it doesn’t help, doesn’t change anything. Some times it only makes things worse. Remembering the songs of the birds, the smell of the orchards, the feel of the breeze, none of it could help. It was just a reminder of what’s been lost, as much as a reminder of what had been gained. In the end, when the decision falls, you’re either swimming or sinking, and he’d known that for a very long time. In fact, he couldn’t really remember how he’d felt before he knew that.
A fish broke the surface and ate the fly, all at once. The sudden change in tempo of the waves broke the man’s thoughts for a moment and he began to cry.

A woman walked along the shore and noticed him. She paused a moment and watched him. She could tell he was troubled, and she watched with some interest. She did not know the man, but felt a desire to walk over and see if he was alright. She felt an instinct to comfort him. Maternal. She stepped ahead one step, but then her cellular phone buzzed in her pocket. She reached for it and answered.
“Hello Jim. Oh, nothing, just walking by the lake. Sure. Of course I can. Yes, I’ll be there in about 10 minutes. Great! You did!? Well, great!”
She turned back up the path and headed for her cabin in the wooded hill. She was happy. A good night was ahead for her. Her mind raced. She liked Jim and Jim liked her. This might be her night, she thought. Maybe. Finally.
Just as she was about to pass into the trees she looked back to see the man on the dock. She looked for a moment but he was gone. “Huh,” she said aloud as she disappeared into the trees. “Huh.”

very sad. all his friends turned their back on him and i believe this is what he was describing.

By camden

marketing makes me ill.

By camden